Plenary Sessions
Jeff Dangl (USA)
The plant immune system: regulating response and maintainig microbiome homeostasis
Paul Schulze-Lefert (Germany)
Structure and colonization cues for the Arabidopsis root-inhabiting bacterial microflora
Sophien Kamoun (UK)
Oomycete effector biology
Yong-Hwan Lee (South Korea)
Systems biology initiatives for the rice blast fungus
Jonathan Jones (UK)
Host range choice and host immunosuppression by white rusts and downy mildews
Jane Parker (Germany)
Partitioning of effector-triggered immune outputs within plant cells
Frank Takken (Netherland)
The role of pathogen effectors in NLR-mediated plant innate immunity
Cyril Zipfel (UK)
Phosphorylation events in surface immune receptor complexes
Naoto Shibuya (Japan)
Chitin receptors in plant immunity
Maria Harrison (USA)
Reprogramming root cells for AM symbiosis
Ton Bisseling (Netherlands)
Endosymbiosis; how it is established, where it comes from
Xin Li (Canada)
What did we learn from the MOSes?
Junji Takabayashi (Japan)
Plant volatiles drive ecological interaction networks
Peter N. Dodds (Australia)
John Rathjen (Australia)
Roles for effectors in pathogen biology
Ko Shimamoto (Japan)
Defensome in rice innate immunity
Jen Sheen (USA)
Signaling network in plant innate immunity
Regine Kahmann (Germany)
Effectors in smut fungi and how they affect virulence
Brian J Staskawicz (USA)
Effector Recognition and Activation of the Arabidopsis thaliana NLR Innate Immune Receptors
Sheng Yang He (USA)
Bacterial manipulation of jasmonate receptor and immunity in Arabidopsis
Jian-Min Zhou (China)
Biochemical functions of bacterial effectors and plant immunity
Mary Beth Mudgett (USA)
Targeting transcription factors: mechanism of effector repression
Martin Parniske (Germany)
Signal transduction in root endosymbiosis
Giles Oldroyd (UK)
Signalling pathways that establish symbiotic associations in legumes
Thomas Lahaye (Germany)
Isolation of a TAL effector resistance gene by transcriptome profiling
Jens Stougaard (Denmark)
The role of LysM type receptors in Nod Factor perception
Shou-Wei Ding (USA)
Viral and endo siRNAs in antiviral responses
Éva Kondorosi (France)
Plant innate immunity effectors and virulence factors in Rhizobium-legume symbiosis
Pietro Spanu (UK)
Messages from powdery mildew DNA: how interplay with the host moulds the pathogen genomes