Instructions for Oral Presentations
  • Presenters must gather in their session room 15 minutes prior to the session start time to conduct a brief meeting to coordinate the session. Please bring your PC to the PC operation booth in the session room. Please refer to the following image for a layout of session rooms and confirm the PC operation booth.

  • Please bring your own computer, and ensure that your computer is equipped with the proper monitor connector (mini D-sub15 pins), as shown below. If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you.

  • During a meeting, moderators work with presenters to make sure the presentations are ready for projection onto a screen.
  • The organizing committee DOES NOT prepare computers for oral presentations.
  • The presentation time for plenary sessions is 30 minutes; special workshops and concurrent sessions should be within 20 minutes, including discussion.
Instructions for Poster Preparation
  • Posters will be displayed in the Event Hall of ICC Kyoto.
  • Posters are numbered as indicated in the PDF file of the abstract book, and a corresponding numbered poster board is available for attaching your poster.
  • Posters still displayed after the removal time has passed will be disposed of by the Congress Secretariat.
  • Please make your poster fit the space within the display panel. The panel size is shown in the figure below.
Poster Hours
Sunday, July 29 14:00–17:30 Poster setup
Monday, July 30 8:30–20:30
Poster viewing
Poster setup
Odd-numbered posters: authors present
Tuesday, July 31 8:30–20:30
Poster viewing
Even-numbered posters: authors present
Wednesday, August 1 8:30–17:30 Poster viewing
Thursday, August 2 8:30–12:20
Poster viewing
Poster take-down
Exhibit Hours
Sunday, July 29 14:00–17:30 Exhibitor setup
Monday, July 30 8:30–20:30 Exhibits open
Tuesday, July 31 8:30–20:30 Exhibits open
Wednesday, August 1 8:30–17:30 Exhibits open
Thursday, August 2 8:30–12:20
Exhibits open
Exhibitor move-out